Keep Little Toes Warm this Winter

This year the theme for our Knitting Group is socks. We will be trying lots of different heel and toes options. But the simplest way to make a pair of sock interesting is to make the heels and toes a different colour.
I wanted to celebrate the bright Strand colours in fun combinations. Pink and Orange, Teal and Royal, Orange and Teal.
The pattern has 5 sizes for babies and children:
1-3 months 10cm foot length
6-9 months 11cm foot length
12-18 months foot length
2 years 14cm foot length
3-4 years 16cm foot length

For the first 3 sizes two 25gm Strand balls will give you enough to knit 2 pairs of socks in alternative colourways. For example in the Pink and Orange kit you can make a pink pair with orange heels and toes and an orange pair with pink heels and toes.
You can buy a Kit here