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Clover Bamboo Knitting Needles Takumi

Clover, our favourite bamboo needles are very smooth for easy knitting.

10mm $22 BUY NOW

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4mm $15 BUY NOW

3.5mm $14 BUY NOW

3.25mm $14 BUY NOW

3mm $14 BUY NOW

2.75mm $14 BUY NOW
2.5mm $14 BUY NOW

2mm $14 BUY NOW


Clover proudly offers a wide range of knitting tools that appeal to everyone from beginners to the experienced.

Bamboo is a strong, elastic and hardy fibre. Its smooth surface and comfortable fit are perfect for knitting needles.
Clover selects appropriately aged bamboo from cold area with little snow. The bamboo is harvested in winter so there is less moisture and the fibre is more compact.

These needles have a smooth surface that is the result of being polished several times with a fine abrasive in the direction of the needle shaft.
This allows the yarn to glide easily along the needle and reduces fatigue.
User friendly needle point that never splits the yarn.