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KnitPro Zing Double Pointed Needles

KnitPro Zing are the most gorgeous metal needles manufactured from superior grade light weight metal in a spectrum of vibrant and lively colours.
Perfect shiny silver points, flawlessly tapered – ideal for all yarns and every project.
Lustrous metallic shades are specific to sizes.
Very light on hands
Warm to the touch, and gentle in the hand
Laser printed sizes on all needles
They are sold in sets of 5 (yes, thank goodness, 5) so your days of having to buy 2 sets so you can follow a sock pattern written for 5 needles are over.

6mm $13 BUY NOW Out of Stock

5.5mm $13 BUY NOW Out of Stock

5mm $13 BUY NOW Out of Stock

4.5mm $13 BUY NOW

4mm $13 BUY NOW

3.5mm $13 BUY NOW  

3.25mm $13 BUY NOW Out of Stock

3mm $13 BUY NOW Out of Stock

2.75mm $13 BUY NOW 

2.5mm $13 BUY NOW

2.25mm $13 BUY NOW

2mm $13 BUY NOW   Out of Stock


KnitPro is a company known for its industrial capabilities with a substantial background in the technology that goes into producing fine needles, hooks and accessories for the hand knitting and crochet market. Their products are sold in over 50 countries worldwide and have been recognized as the fastest growing brand in Europe in the field of knitting and crochet accessories.

The needles are available in a full range of types: Double & Single Points, Fixed & Interchangeable Circulars.
KnitPro needles and hooks come in a variety of materials: laminated birch wood, electroplated brass, the most modern space age material – Karbon fiber, Japanese Bamboo, natural birch and aluminum. You will find sizes as small as 1.00mm (US5/0) going all the way up to 35 mm. knitting needles – the not –so easy-to-find jumbo tools!

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