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Strand 394 Puka Peacock

Strand Super Fine Yarn
50% NZ Mohair, 50% NZ Wool,
25g / 90m per ball
2.75mm needle size

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Strand 10m Skeins $2.55
Strand 10m Skeins $2.55

Click here to see full range of 10m skeins on the Nancys Stitch Studio website www.nancys.co.nz which shares the same shopping cart

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We have been selling these very cute 25 gram balls for over five years now. The yarn is 50% NZ mohair and 50% NZ wool. We felt that there was an absence of 3 ply yarn available in an interesting range of colours. People have been knitting with this yarn for a while now and have enjoyed it.

Strand Natural Fibres has created a unique mohair/wool embroidery thread. Made from carefully selected fleeces of goats and sheep farmed in New Zealand, this thread has the strength of wool and the lustre and smooth soft handle of mohair. It is a two-ply, fully worsted, fine crewel thread, ideal for canvas work and surface stitchery as well as other handcrafts such as knitting and weaving.

The exclusive colour range for Strand Natural Fibres has been developed to reflect New Zealand’s unique light and landscape colours. There are currently 174 colours available as 10m skeins used mostly for embroidery, however they can be mixed and matched with the 25gm balls for a great variety of stripes and for fair isle.